Preview of an upcoming project with Singer/Songwriter Roxanne BLU (@RoxanneBluMusic) — A Visual Album to be released January 2012 alongside her debut album.

Stills taken from a music video created for L.A. Based Hip-hop group Illie. The Project was somewhat directionless from the start, but while viewing the footage and hearing the track (“ON”) I came across footage from the up-roaring OCCUPY movement and noticed a connection between the song’s talk of becoming rich and famous (pretty much just making it in terms of the American Dream) and the fight going on all over just to gain a small piece of that glorified dream BACK…Honestly i WILL admit the connection being quite loose, but if you really take thought to it while watching you might experience a feel of what hip-hop has always been—a raw form of cultural expression geared towards advancing one’s self in a repressive society—ART. This is theirs. Enjoy     

New Music Video from the Future 3 releasing November 11, 2011 at 11:00p.m.

How’s that for obsessive. 

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